A brief update (again)

Just a quick heads up that I’m not posting any time soon. This isn’t because I don’t feel like it (for once), but I have a pretty important university admissions test on the 31st October (ooh, Halloween!)  and I need a bit more practice for it than I originally thought. I have a few interviews almost immediately after too, so I wouldn’t expect new posts at all until maybe Christmas, if not later.

On the topic of the blog, a lot of things have happened to myself and those around me over the last two and a half years and now I’m getting to the point of veering away from my original topic focus (you know, that thing called anime).

I’ll be making a post about this at some point when everything is settled, but I’m be blunt and say that I haven’t actually watched any significant amount of anime in about nearly half a year, aside for the odd episode of something I’ve been recommended, and for the last time, no just because we both like [insert anime I like here], doesn’t mean I’ll love BnHA as much as you do.

2018-10-07 (2)But anyway, I need to get back to figuring out how to draw crazy looking equations on graphs and work out why I keep on getting mechanics questions about pulleys wrong.

(but seriously, how am I supposed to just know how to draw this with just a series of ‘x’s and numbers?)



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